Testing and Ingredients

Aelin Organics ingredients

Aelin Organics range of organic sanitising gels and sprays were created without the use of harmful chemicals often found in many sanitising products. We wanted to create an organic, non-toxic product in which the community can trust when aiming to kill harmful germs. Aelin Organics products are derived by nature and supported by science, emphasising the need for non-toxic living.

Boosting hand sanitiser efficacy with organic acids.

Many ethanol-only hand sanitisers are very effective against bacteria, but only partially effective against viruses. Aelin Organics has formulated its hand sanitising gel and spray to include our unique organic acids blend to boost the sanitising efficacy against viruses.

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About our key sanitising ingredient, a unique botanical acids extract blend.

We formulate our sanitising products with a botanical acids extract blend which is a disinfectant concentrate manufactured locally in Melbourne, Australia. 

This patent pending ingredient, also known as L42, has been tested to meet the Australian Goods Association (TGA) standard as a hospital grade and commercial grade disinfectant. It is also proven effective in killing COVID-19. It is food safe and has also been tested on an array of pathogens including bacteria, fungi and viruses.

To view the Commercial Grade testing report, click here.

To view the Hospital Grade testing report, click here.

COVID-19 Laboratory Testing:

The Hospital Grade Surface Sanitiser has been tested independently to determine the efficacy in killing COVID-19. The test was carried out using a strain of coronavirus called Murine Hepatitis Virus (MHV). This virus is closely related to the virus causing the COVID-19 pandemic and is one of the only two permitted strains for testing by the TGA for an efficacy claim against COVID-19.

To view these requirements published by the Australian Government, click here.

The test results from Eurofins Laboratory efficacy testing showed that L42 achieved a 6 Log reduction against MHV-1, equating to a 99.9999% kill claim. The dilution used for testing was 6% p/litre (or 60mls p/litre), this is the same formulation as Aelin Organics Hospital-Grade Sanitising Spray.

To view the original test results, click here.

About hand sanitisers and surface sprays.

Hand Sanitisers:

Many hand sanitisers contain harmful chemicals can that have adverse health effects. Benzalkonium chloride, just one chemical often found in many hand sanitisers, has been found to irritate skin, eye and respiratory systems and can be particularly dangerous for individuals suffering from asthma or skin conditions such as eczema. Furthermore, chemicals such as benzalkonium chloride have been proven less effective against germs compared to alcohol based sanitisers.

Surface Sprays:

It's important to know that not all surface cleaners are classed as a sanitiser or disinfectant, which means many products out there will not be effective in protecting your family from bacteria and viruses. Many of these alternative products assist in removing germs but are unable to effectively kill germs.

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