Five Everyday Swaps for Low-Tox Living

Written by The Conscious Space 

Although here in Australia, tighter regulations limit our exposure to the toxic chemicals present in so many of the everyday products that are allowed onto the market in the US, non-organic ingredients can still pose a risk to our health [1]. From the food we buy to the pans we cook it in, synthetic chemicals make up so many of the products we touch, use and consume on a daily basis. Preventing exposure to these chemicals, especially when living in a city, is nigh-on impossible – they’re present on our transport systems, furniture, and unfortunately our ocean – but we can limit the amount of chemicals we come into contact within our own homes, and in doing so, reduce the quantity infecting our environment. 

We’re keen to take steps to minimise our exposure to harmful chemicals, so thought we’d share five every day switches for low-tox living. With their beautifully branded range of planet-friendly, cruelty-free and 100% organic products, Aelin Organics make limiting our exposure to parabens, phthalates and other harmful ingredients easy.

1. Keeping clean without killing the planet

Since the onset of COVID-19, hand sanitiser has become an everyday essential, and as a result, more and more toxic chemicals are being introduced to our bodies. Aelin Organic’s Hand Sanitiser protects the skin from pathogens without drying it out with harmful, synthetic ingredients. Bonus points, as always, for the beautifully designed recycled container.

2. Nourishing moisturiser that’s kind to planet and people

Although Aelin’s hand sanitiser is infused with moisturising ingredients, the high alcohol content (organic ethanol to protect against viruses) can cause the skin to feel dry. If you’re keen to keep your hands soft as well as sanitised, Aelin’s Organic Sanitising Hand Balm is here to help. The chemical-free ingredient list combines botanical extracts with moisturising oils to protect from bacteria and promote healthy (and deliciously-scented) hands without introducing harmful chemicals onto our bodies and into our environment. 

3. Clean floors for healthy babies

When we refer to babies, we’re not only talking about the humankind. Our pets (and often our children) don’t always benefit from the protective barriers that are shoes and socks, and spend a lot of their time on the floor. Many floor cleaners contain high-grade chemicals which can be effective at keeping floors free from dirt, but the replacement substance can be far more harmful to the health of people and creatures who are coming into contact with it. Aelin Organic’s Floor Cleaner uses a concentrated organic formula to keep floors clean without coating them in chemicals. 

4. Clean surfaces for healthy homes

Buying organic produce is a really important place to start on the journey towards low-tox living, but if you’re handling it on a surface that’s been cleaned using harmful chemicals, you’re stunting your own progress. Aelin’s General Purpose Cleaner uses a combination of organic ingredients which are powerful enough to cut through grease and grime, but which don’t compromise the health of your home. 

5. Organic scents for blissful sleep

During our sleep – supposedly a sacred time of rest – we can be exposed to toxins in everything from our mattress to our fabric softener. To enhance your sleep with beautiful scents, without exposing yourself to the toxins present in so many air fresheners and fabric sprays, spritz your room and sheets with Aelin Organics Organic Room & Linen Spray. Loaded with essential oils and fruit extracts, this spray removes odour at the source and is infused with eucalyptus, peppermint and vanilla for a naturally scented space.

All of Aelin Organic’s products are entirely biodegradable, organic and cruelty-free, and are stored in recyclable, recycled containers (which just happen to be exceptionally beautiful).

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